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The cornerstone for what would eventually become the global Western Watches brand was first laid somewhere between the idyllic pastures and deep woodland of Saint-Imier, in the historic Swiss Canton of Bern. The architects of the enterprise, and the founders of our previous manufacturer, were two of Swiss horology’s leading lights: Alucide Constant Droz and Henry Perret. In 1864 they wound up and set in motion a business that would outlive either of them and would spread across the world, adorning wrists from every walk of life. Their Societé des Montres SA would go through several incarnations, register many trademarks and develop myriad sub-brands, including our own.

Innovation and expansion were the early watchwords of the Society. It was responsible for the wide proliferation of impermeable or waterproof wrist watches and brought patented Swiss technology to untouched markets in India and UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi, Kuwait (Middle East). Even since those early, formulative days working at the very frontier of horology we have kept our finger firmly on the pulse of watchmaking, existing at the intersection of design, form and function.

We launched Western Watches

In 2011 to mark the 190th anniversary of the chronograph, we launched the Western Watches foundation. Wrist watches for Men & Women Run out of our HQ Swiss Eastern in the heart of the UAE, the Foundation’s stated aim is to reclaim the wrist.We live in an age where  smartphones, tablet computers and kindles have rendered the wrist bare again, and that’s not ok with us.

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To achieve that aim our creative team have invested heavily into the research and development of exceptional high quality wrist watches, with most movements assembled from components manufactured right at the source, in Switzerland. All of the quality control done at our offices is done to an exceptionally exacting level, to ensure all our watches are of true Swiss Standard.

We want those watches to be available to everyone, not just millionaires and, to that  end, it is the Foundation’s promise that our exacting quality, stunning design will always be matched with a measured economy in price. Our watches are for anyone,anywhere.As well as helping to eradicate bare wrists everywhere, the Foundation is also involved with local initiatives on a grass roots level. We sponsor several sports teams across the region and provide financial support to them for equipment and playing fields.