The cornerstone for what would eventually become the global Western Watches brand was first laid somewhere between the idyllic pastures and deep woodland of Saint-Imier, in the historic Swiss Canton of Bern. The architects of the enterprise, and the founders of our previous manufacturer, were two of Swiss horology’s leading lights: Alucide Constant Droz and Henry Perret.

That demand became focussed on the Middle East and its hitherto untouched reserves, bringing a massive influx of investment and expertise to the region, and no end of bare wrists. Those bare wrists initially belonged to hands working on oil rigs and derricks across the region. They didn’t stay bare for long however, as the oil workers needed durable and precise watches to operate with, balanced with a desire for on temporary style. In 1973 our previous manufacturer was sold for a lack of heirs but our Western Watches brand continued to manufacture and distribute watches across the area, expanding into several new markets whilst developing the technology that powers every movement of our hands……Read all



 We have founded our reputation for exceptionally high standards of quality,based on our proven track
record for delivering steadfast time pieces, time and time again. SHOP NOW!


 We have founded our reputation for exceptionally high standards of quality,based on our proven track
record for delivering steadfast time pieces, time and time again. SHOP NOW!

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A veteran in manufacturing designer timepieces since 1939, Western Watches has been successfully delivering wrist watches unisexually, extending its reach across all the seven continents. Western is an evolving branch of Swiss Eastern, located mainly in UK and UAE. With its humble origins in Switzerland, it has striven to uphold the principles of quality craftsmanship and design. Presently operating in 25 countries worldwide, we are functional in countries including UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UK.

The assortments from Western Watches include exquisite timepieces for both men and women. Available in various styles, shapes, sizes and colours, there is a wide range of intricate designs and each one makes a perfect wrist wear accessory. The reason for the uniqueness lies in the efficient engineering and working on the little minute details. Our inquisitiveness to learn more and discover new things to implement it in the creations begets the necessity for research and development, with which we remain eagerly concerned. This is our key to churn out some of the magnificent timepieces.

Western Watches brings its Swiss Eastern chapter of the precision timepieces to the clientele across the Middle East , India and all countries.
One of the finest manifestations of style and up-market trending to create the ripple effect globally has to be that of the timepieces. Even in the present days of Smart technology, fashion scene remains incomplete without the watches.

Our headquarters in Dubai are just in place thanks to its cosmopolitan approach to life and in keeping sync with heritage. Our exclusive branded watches in Dubai get a personal touch of the master horologists while creating some of the classiest watches in the world. Our legacy lies in the way we carry forward this legacy of watchmaking in modern times.

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We, from Western Watches, are a name that is synonymous with authenticity and exclusiveness, which is true to Swiss watchmaking. Our timepieces are available online and so if you wish to buy watches online at best price in Dubai, UAE, we are here for you. Our watches for men fall under three categories namely Chronograph, Multifunction, and Classic. Our watches for women include Chronograph, Fashion, and Classic genres. Watches from our collections are incredible masterpieces created with great meticulousness just to suit the personality of everyone who wears it.